Semantic search tools for language and meaning

Semantica creates tools for the manipulation and analysis of natural language. If you are looking for powerful semantic search solutions, syntax parsing, spelling and grammar checking, text summarization, keyword extraction, or meaning analysis, we have tools for you. Our developer APIs, Grammatica and Distingo, are designed to bring powerful solutions to large-scale problems. Semantica's consumer product, Quisito, interacts with documents in Word or PDF format in order to perform searches based on meaning.

Semantica works with premier institutions around the world. Check out our resources and learn how Semantica can make your job easier.




Any number of tools can count up keywords, but how many can actually recognize meanings? Distingo is a developer tool for locating meanings within natural language, allowing you to compare texts with each other, and even rank their level of similarity. Distingo can also summarize texts and extract keywords -- and that's just the beginning! If you're looking for a cutting edge semantic analysis tool, learn about the tools Distingo can put at your disposal. Don't forget to read the white paper! Learn more...



Grammatica is a powerful spelling and grammar checking API available for four languages: English, French, Spanish, German. (Not all languages available for all platforms) Grammatica recognizes and corrects spelling, conjugations, word agreements, and more.

Developers will want to take a close look at our powerful Grammatica API (C++, .NET, Linux...) for language parsing and correcting. Learn more...



Ever spend hours searching through your documents for an idea you mentioned, even though you couldn't remember the words you used to express it? Quisito to the rescue! Quisito is a handy utility (designed for Mac and Windows) for finding ideas (not just keywords) in your texts (in Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML, etc.). It allows you to define searches according to the meanings you seek, and it offers the most powerful search options in the marketplace. Learn more about Quisito -- currently in development!